Danielle Copplin

AHRA Registered Educational and Developmental Psychologist

How Can Danielle Help?

If you, your child or someone you know appears to learn or develop differently to people their same age, Danielle is the professional to work with.


Differences can wonderful. They are opportunities for you to be outstanding. Danielle helps to understand differences and develop strategies to overcome any challenges that being different creates. She works with you to ensure your lifelong achievement.


Danielle works with people of all ages, in all stages of life. She has specialist skills in assessing, treating and providing ongoing management for all educational and developmental concerns, including dyslexia and other specific learning disorders and developmental concerns including Autism and rare genetic disorders.

Specialist Areas

Assessment for Dyslexia and other learning disorders

Assessment for Autism and ADHD

Assessment for Intellectual Impairment

Assessment for Giftedness

Counselling for anxiety, depression, social skills, parenting and attachment

Ongoing support and liaison with teachers and educators for students with learning difficulties

Who Can Danielle Help?

Danielle can support anyone from infancy right through to older age. She is best at supporting people that learn differently or people who are having a hard time moving through life stages, including:

Atypical development through childhood

Challenges in adolescence

Adulthood and parenting

Empty nest syndrome

Cognitive decline and dementia

Palliative care


Danielle is compassionate, patient and purposeful. She strives to understand your unique experience and work with you as you learn and develop in a healthy, positive way.

Danielle always creates a safe, respectful space where you can discover and build upon your strengths, as well as learn the skills to understand and manage your limitations effectively.


Danielle is a registered and endorsed Educational and Developmental Psychologist. She has completed her Bachelor degree in Psychological Science with honours and she has completed her Master degree in Educational and Developmental Psychology.


Danielle is a member of:

Australian Psychological Society (MAPS)

Australasian Society for Intellectual Disability

Society for the Study of Behavioural Phenotypes

Book an appointment with Danielle today

If you would like to book an appointment with our educational and developmental psychologist, please contact us today.  We welcome any questions you might have regarding your or your child’s education and development, so don’t hesitate to ask.


In case you were wondering, Danielle provides mobile child psychology services every Saturday between 8am and 2pm.

Looking for More Practical Tips and Advice?

Join Danielle’s Facebook group, Lifelong Achievers with Learning Difficulties (LALD). You’ll be able to connect with like minded people, gain support and knowledge and regularly learn tips and tricks to support your child’s education for life.

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