Amy Smith

Accredited Practising Dietitian

How Can Amy Help?

If you are struggling with all the information from a newly diagnosed disease, living with a chronic illness or just want to improve your diet, Amy can offer you the knowledge, tools and support required to allow you to reach your health and wellbeing goals. She will advise you on specific nutritional management of your health condition that will be age appropriate, tailored to your needs and effective.

Specialist Areas

Gastrointestinal disorders

Chronic disease management including diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease and cancer

Overweight and obesity


Food allergies and intolerances

General healthy eating

Childhood nutrition and fussy eating

Who Can Amy Help?

Amy can support people of all ages, from infancy right through to older age.


Many people think dietitians only help those wanting to lose weight. While Amy can certainly help you to achieve weight loss, she can help people of all ages, genders, nationalities and financial circumstances. You might want more energy, to prevent or recover from illness, to ensure you have a healthy baby, to lose weight, gain weight, or cope with an allergy or intolerance, or just grow old gracefully – Amy can help anyone.


Amy is enthusiastic about finding reasonable, evidence based solutions to assist you to achieve your optimal health and wellbeing. She works closely with your General Practitioner or referring specialist and other health professionals to ensure a targeted holistic approach to the care of all her patients in all age groups.


Amy is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Nutritionist who effectively uses the latest tools and methods to achieve the best possible results for her clients.

Book an appointment with Amy today

If you would like to book an appointment with our accredited dietitian, please contact us today.  We welcome any questions you might have regarding your or your child’s diet, nutrition and mental health, so don’t hesitate to ask.


In case you were wondering, Medicare provides rebates for appointments with Amy when she is treating chronic health conditions (such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer) under a care plan coordinated by your general practitioner. Appointments with Amy are also covered by most private health funds.

Looking for More Practical Tips and Advice?

Join Amy’s Facebook group, Connected Dietetics. You’ll be able to connect with like minded people, gain support and knowledge and regularly learn tips and tricks to manage your diet.

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