Meet Our Staff

At Scope Clinical Services, we like to believe we’ve got one of the best, most well-rounded teams of psychologists and health professionals in Brisbane. Get to know them a little more by reading on.

Danielle Copplin: Psychologist

Danielle Copplin specialises in assessing developmental, learning and behavioural difficulties, and designing treatment programs for a range of psychological concerns. A qualified counsellor, Danielle is a compassionate worker with a long history of work in a variety of contexts.   

Matthew Brozovich: Exercise Physiologist

Matthew Brozovich is a fully Accredited Exercise Physiologist who’s passionate about helping people improve their quality of life through the countless benefits of movement and exercise. With Matthew, you’ll learn about how you can exercise in the most beneficial way for your body.

Niluka de Costa: Speech Pathologist

Fluent in both English and Sinhalese, Niluka de Costa is extremely passionate about language and communication and the importance of these things in our day-to-day lives. She is highly experienced in developing solutions for early communication and speech difficulties, language delay, literacy and social communication needs.

Julie Brodrick: Dietitian & Nutritionist

Julie Brodrick is a registered Dietitian and Nutritionist who uses scientific, evidence-based nutrition knowledge to treat a broad range of health issues. She cares about optimising health through nutrition therapy and counselling – from infants to the elderly.

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If you’re interested in booking an appointment with any member of our staff, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We welcome your questions and look forward to helping you on your way to a healthier life.

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