Specialist Tutoring

Looking for the best quality tutoring services in the Brisbane area? Scope Clinical Services has you covered.

What's so Special?

People with Dyslexia experience a disorganised understanding of the relationship between letters and sounds. It effects language and general learning and they can  suffer from fatigue, frustration and feelings of helplessness.

Given that Dyslexia is a language-based difficulty, we’ve decided to combine speech and language therapy with tutoring services. Speech and language pathologist’s have training in literacy-specific skills such as linguistics, phonological and phonemic awareness, reading, writing a variety of text types and second language acquisition. This ensures that people with Dyslexia have the best chance at academic achievement.

We’ve teamed up with Optimise Learning so that our students are supported according to the national curriculum and have access to the best learning resources on the market (they’re made by teachers, for teachers).

Phone: 0481 094 421 or Email: info@optimiselearning.com for more information or to make a booking.

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