Exercise Physiology

Accredited Exercise Physiologists (AEPs) provide holistic exercise and lifestyle therapies that prevent and manage chronic disease, injury and disability. Their specialty is in guiding you towards a healthier lifestyle that incorporates regular exercise and movement into your daily routine, in a way that suits and benefits you.

If you’ve been looking for an Exercise Physiologist in Brisbane, our AEP can provide you with the support and therapy you need.

What AEPs do

AEPs offer support and therapy to people with:

Cardiovascular disease



Mental health problems



Pulmonary disease

Our in-house AEP Matthew Brozovich has experience across all of these areas and more.

Should I see an Exercise Physiologist?

Applying exercise to our daily lives can be difficult. It’s an AEP’s job to help you discover the best way to do this, with respect to your medical history and your long-term health and happiness goals.

Many people suffering from injury or chronic disease can benefit from seeing an AEP. AEPs have the expertise required to help you address and improve your condition through exercise in simple and highly beneficial ways.

Here are a few resources to provide you with more light on what AEPs do and whether you should consider seeing one:

essa.org.au – How can an Accredited Exercise Physiologist Help?

healthtimes.com.au – What is an Exercise Physiologist

exerciseismedicine.org.au – What to expect when you visit an AEP

Book an appointment

Contact us today to book an appointment with our in-house Brisbane exercise physiologist. Whether you’re seeking rehabilitative help, or are just looking to improve your general health, Scope Clinical Services can offer you the treatment you need.

We look forward to seeing you and helping you on your journey to a healthier, longer life.


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