Child Psychologist Brisbane

If you’ve been looking for a psychologist to support your child, our staff can provide you with the best quality educational and developmental services for their lifelong achievement.


Good health, wellbeing and education in childhood paves the way for lifelong achievement. So, if your child is experiencing difficulties with their mental health, education or general wellbeing, it’s important that you seek assistance.


Early childhood


Parents may seek help for:

Concerns with a child’s development and/or parent-child relationship issues

Managing a child’s difficult temperament or behaviour

Assisting a child with disabilities

Sibling rivalry in the family

Attachment difficulties

Developmental concerns


School years


Parents, teachers or children themselves may seek assistance to deal with:

Problems with transitions, such as starting school or changing schools

School avoidance

Dyslexia and other specific learning disorders

Poor peer relationships and social skill development

Low self-esteem

Challenging behaviour

Family relationships

Trauma or stressful life events




Adolescents, their parents or others concerned with their welfare may seek help to deal with:

Conflict between adolescent and parents

Peer pressure

Career guidance

School to work transition

Sexuality issues

Drug and alcohol problems

Identity issues


If you would like to support your child with the highest quality child and adolescent psychology services in Brisbane we highly recommend that you book an appointment with one of our AHPRA registered Educational and Developmental Psychologist’s, Danielle Copplin or Kathryn Bekavac.

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