Diet and the Management of Type 2 Diabetes

Diet When it comes to managing type 2 diabetes (the most common form of diabetes) with diet there is no one diet that suits everyone. But a good starting point

The Importance of Men’s Nutrition

Nutrition plays a major role in all aspects of men’s health. It is the fuel that all humans use for physiological functions, therefore, diet essential for survival. And it is

Dietitian Advice for Optimal Sports Performance

Diet and Sport As a Dietitian I am often asked about whether diet makes a real difference to sporting performance. The answer in a word is ’Yes’, definitely. Food is

Julie’s Gluten-Free Fruity Pancakes

Looking for a great gluten-free pancake recipe? Our Dietitian, Julie Brodrick, shares her gluten-free fruity pancake recipe, just in time for Mother’s Day breakfast in bed! INGREDIENTS    For the

Is it Safe to Eat a Vegetarian Pregnancy Diet?

Yes, it is. However, when following a vegetarian diet, it is more difficult to obtain all of the nutrients you need, particularly iron. This means that, if you are vegetarian,

Diet and Acne

Research into the relationship between diet and acne over the years has been controversial. Early research reported an association between acne and foods like chocolate, sugar and fat. However, there was

The Truth About Diet and Challenging Behaviour in Children with ASD and ADHD

It is common knowledge that good health is positively associated with a nutritionally balanced diet. It sounds so simple! However, given that we are all individuals with unique genes, weight

Healthy Eating for Pregnancy

Consideration for nutrition starts before pregnancy, from the time when you first decide to start trying to fall pregnant. This is the time to start thinking differently about your amazing

The Single Most Important Nutrition Message of All Time…

“Eat More Fruit and Vegetables” Nutrition messages can be confusing. Some say eat more coconut oil, some say use butter instead of margarine, olive oil instead of vegetable oil, less