A Penny for Your Thoughts – A Survival Kit for Kids and Adults

We can all think back to moments where it’s been difficult to open up and talk about how we are feeling, or how a certain situation may have caused us

Five Warning Signs That Suggest You Might Need Marital Therapy

During the passage of time, many relationships change. Stresses start to compound, words start to hurt and issues that were once manageable become less so. When there are more troughs

Diabetes and Mental Health

Diabetes has a profound effect on many areas of an individual’s life, so it is unsurprising it also impacts one’s mental health. Living with this chronic condition, requiring a great

3 Tips To Help Kids Tackle Stress

As adults we can underestimate the amount of stress that children are under. From school work to social pressures to wanting to please you, their parents, being young is not

The Most Important Vitamins and Minerals for Boosting Memory

While there are many factors beyond our control in the ageing process, we can all help keep our brain sharp by ensuring we get a healthy dose of memory boosting

Men and Emotions – What’s the Story?

Men and emotions is not something that western culture is overly comfortable with. As a result, men’s mental health is a major concern and requires action to ensure that men

Mental Illness – Why There’s Still Stigma and What We Can Do About It

In a recent episode of BBC Radio 4 podcast Seriously called The Mind in the Media, author and mental health advocate Nathan Filer set out to challenge some of the

Supporting Your Child to be a Good Sport in Competition

The Benefits of Team Sports I always encourage parents to engage their children in competitive team sports. The positive outcomes for development as a result of playing a team sport

Mother’s Day Q&A with the Team at Scope Clinical Services

Mother’s Day Q&A with Scope Clinical Services   Psychology – Tatum McGregor   1. How do you usually celebrate Mother’s Day with your kids? I celebrate Mother’s Day with the

Creating Family Rituals

Research suggests that adults and children function well when there is a certain level of routine in their lives. We are naturally drawn to developing close relationships with other humans